Course Description

Be prepared to expand your artistic horizons as you explore the glorious beauty of glass mosaics created in the early 1200s for use in European churches and mosques and that still shine beautifully around the world today. Learn those same techniques as you create mosaics to decorate your homes and gardens in this colorful and exciting class. You may Materials are supplied to create a mosaic ornament, trivet, bluebird house, and 8x10-inch stained glass sun-catcher.

Course Outline

1. Session I

  • History of mosaics from ancient times to current method
  • Samples of mosaic styles
  • Course and skills description
  • Project list and description
  • Basic cutting demo and student participation
  • Students practice cutting skills while creating a small mosaic ornament

2. Session II

  • Vocabulary list and discussion
  • Introduction to adhesives - when and where to use each type of adhesive
  • Demonstration and practice cutting tiles and stained glass
  • Each student will cut and glue a mosaic trivet using tiles and stained glass

3. Session II

  • Catch up help as needed on finishing the trivets
  • Preparation of bluebird houses
  • Cutting and gluing tesserae for birdhouse
  • Discussion of the needs of bluebirds and how to apply that when creating birdhouses that birds will use versus purely decorative birdhouses

4. Session IV

  • Instructions and demonstration on grouting techniques
  • Which grout to use for different situations
  • How to choose a color for your grout
  • Students will grout their trivets and birdhouses and clean up these projects
  • Students will choose their colors and subjects for their framed 8 x 10 pieces

5. Session V

  • Demonstration on using glass scorers and running pliers to cut stained glass
  • Students will cut the stained glass and glue the pieces to create their framed Glass on Glass mosaic piece

6. Session VI

  • Continue cutting and gluing stained glass for framed piece
  • Discussion on how to design your piece, use of andamento in the subject and background to provide movement in your design

7. Session VII

  • Grouting of glass on glass piece
  • Discussion of the difference in grouting projects where the glass is translucent and how to prevent grout bleed
  • Cleanup of grout

8. Session VII

  • Catch up help to finish projects
  • Attaching hardware to projects
  • Discussion of how to hang different projects
  • Hints for future projects
  • Introduction to the next level of mosaics

Learner Outcomes

Students will learn:

  • How to cut various materials
  • Which adhesives to use
  • Appropriate bases or substrates to use for each project
  • How to grout your project
  • Grout color selection to complement your pieces
  • How to finish your artworks for usage
  • Create:
    • Mosaic ornament
    • Trivet
    • Bluebird house
    • 8 inch x 10 inch stained glass mosaic framed piece

(Experienced students receive advice/guidance on projects of their choice.)


  • Students may rent tools in class for $25 or purchase from the instructor or online sites.
  • Supplies needed for the class will be provided by the instructor for an additional fee.
  • Students may use items of their own in their creations to augment provided supplies. Materials are supplied to create a mosaic ornament, mosaic trivet, mosaic bluebird house, and an 8 x 10 inch stained glass mosaic sun-catcher.
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